Just as we recently announced, plans have been in top gear to allow migration of PBTs from Arweave to BSC and vice versa. 

We are Happy to announce to you that the Arweave to BSC Bridge is now live. 

As of today, the bridge now supports migration of both PBTs and Wrapped Arweave to the BSC network.

This is just a first step in everything we will like to achieve with the bridge, as we are working to enable multichain support for the bridge , allowing users to not only migrate to BSC , but also to other EVM compatible chains, we also plan to partner with other Arweave PST Coins to allow them use the bridge to swap their coins over to BSC and the likes.

An important notice though, swapping of PBT is temporarily disabled due to our upcoming IDO/private sale. We will enable it back after the IDO/private sale.

Also note that, the brige will be charging fees for swapping, these fees will be distributed to the holders of the WARBSC profit sharing Token going forward. (Fees are currently disabled but will be enabled soon).

To ensure that the WARBSC bridge is sufficently decentralised and to reward everyone who has believed in this project for this long, we will be airdropping 10% of the WARBSC PST to everyone who fills this form.

 Please fill this https://forms.gle/SyFZGjJTDqWGUJ966 before Nov 14th 2021,and feel free to share the link with your friends and referrals.

Here is a short roadmap of what happens next 

- Launch of WarBridge (Done)


- Private sale 1 (up next)


- Liquidity created on Pancakeswap


- PBT enabled on WAR BSC Bridge


- Liquidity mining program


- Private sale 2


What are we offering during the private sale?


The private sale is neccesary to allow us to raise funds to power liqudity on a few dexes and to also allow us list permabot on a few other CEX. 


We aim to offer PBT at a discounted price of $0.25 per PBT in the private sale phase 1. Phase 2 will go on to $0.35 per PBT.

Listing of PBT will be done on Dexes at a starting price of $0.80.


You can track our current price at app.redstone.finance/#/app/token/PBT


Private sales participants will have their tokens locked for 6 months though. 


Only a maximum of 3,000,000 PBTs will be offered for sale at Presale.


We will have incentives to offer for influencers who can help with marketing and spreading the word about our private sale, please send a PM to the admin to discuss this.


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can you please tell me when private sale phase 1 and Phase 2 will start and when the Listing of PBT token



Thank you for reaching out. The respective dates, would be communicated to you soon. Would you like to participate in the private sale? If yes. Kindly indicate and I will send you a mail containing all the information you need.


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