We just deployed a test DAPP for our Wrapped Arweave Binance Smart Chain Token, you can check this out on https://warbridge.permabot.xyz .
What is supported?

- Swapping AR for wAR BEP20 tokens issued on the Binance Smart Chain , you will need to login via ArConnect

- Swapping wAR BEP20 tokens back to  AR on the Arweave chain, you will need a metamask wallet connected to the BSC Testnet to support this.

wAR Bep20 token is currently only deployed to the BSC testnet.

We will like feedback on the Wrapped-AR-BSC channel on our discord forum. If you are a BSC user, plase join and help test.

Join the conversation on discord https://cutt.ly/permabotdiscord


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