Hey Community,


🎤 Announcing our biggest airdrop so far 🔥🔥💥

Thanks for keeping faith in this project.

We know expectations are high on this project since we started, from the days of PBT and then leading up to the release of PBTG.

We have tried to keep to our promises as much as possible:

- PermaBot SaveThread is live and is already in use by the twitter community,

- We are in the final testing phase of our "Permabot MintNFT ", allowing twitter users to sell their autographed tweets on our platform while saving the meta data forever on Arweave.

Through this all, you have remained with us, and we will like to reward everyone who has been here.

We are announcing the following, final dates will be communicated later.

🧩 We are airdropping 5% of our total coins to members of our telegram community who has been with us since start. Cut off date will be announced soon.

🧩 Current holders of PBT will also be airdropped PBTG,) holders will have to verify their PBT holdings by signing a transaction through their Arweave wallet) 

 🧩 We are enabling withdrawal of PBTG rewards on our site, so for everyone who uses PermaBot and has logged in, and has accrued some points, they will be able to withdraw their pints going forward.

🧩 PBTG will now be required to mint NFTs on permabot

🧩 We are getting set to dedicate another 5% as rewards for everyone who provides liquidity for our PBTG coin on different exchanges starting with pancakeswap, liquidity providers will only need to whitelist their address on our LP Rewards contract(to be disclosed soon) and rewards will be accumulated for anyone that provides liquidity of 1BNB and above, for at least 28 days

We have a few other new features for the site in the works and will be announcing them soon, so keep using PermaBot , and keep promoting the community

Thank you


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